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Patrol Boat

Inspired by the majestic silhouette of the Canadian beaver. Drawing upon its resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination

beaver profil.png

The task of creating a formidable Canadian Coast Guard ship for defense, Ilkem Onay sought inspiration from the majestic silhouette of the Canadian beaver.


The sleek lines of the ship mimic the beaver's streamlined form(55m), allowing it to navigate effortlessly through treacherous waters. Its robust structure, akin to the beaver's sturdy dam, ensures unwavering strength in the face of adversity. With advanced defense systems seamlessly integrated into the design, this vessel stands as a symbol of Canada's commitment to safeguarding its coastal regions, inspired by the noble spirit of the Canadian beaver.




Technical details

  • LOA:55m

  • B:9m

  • Draft: 2.2 m

  • Deplasman: 320 ft

  • Propulsion: 2x MTU 400 M90 2x2720 Kw

  • Material: Steel

  • Speed: 30 knots

  • High Speed: 35 Knot


  • 1 Commodore

  • 1 Commander

  • 4 Officer

  • 12 Petty Officer

  • 14 Non  Officers


  • OTO Melara 76 mm

  • 62Super Rapid Gun

  • 2x Browning .50 12.7 mm

  • BOFORS 42 mm

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