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veyis ali

Motor Yacht

testament to the enduring legacy of my beloved grandfather and the profound influence of family in shaping our lives. This thoughtfully crafted vessel encapsulates the essence of cherished memories, inviting you to embark on a serene journey, where simplicity and togetherness reign supreme.

Introducing our cutting-edge convertible hardtop motor yacht (16m), a fusion of speed, aesthetics, and innovative design. This sleek and dynamic  features a unique glass ceiling, allowing natural light to flood the spacious and functional living area. With a focus on light-colored interior materials, the yacht offers a serene and open atmosphere, perfect for luxurious onboard living. Whether you're cruising at high speeds or enjoying the panoramic views, our convertible hardtop motor yacht delivers an unforgettable experience, combining exceptional performance with an exquisite blend of beauty and functionality.

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